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Pssst...Wanna Know the REAL Secret to Success Behind the Chair?

You didn't learn it in Beauty School.


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Becoming a Successful Hairstylist takes more than just growing a clientele & creating beautiful hair.


Which of these applies to you??

»  You’re undercharging for hours of work, leaving you feeling upset, burnt out & even resentful at times.

»  You know you need to raise your prices but you're scared you’re gonna lose clients.

»  You’re frustrated when clients cancel their appointment last-minute or no show completely, leaving you with a huge gap in your day & money out of your pocket.

»  You’re living day to day financially never knowing how much your really making.

»  You know something needs to change for you to have the career you're dreaming about.



   Work your DREAM schedule and never have to miss out on family dinners & weekend events...

   Maximize your days at the salon, no more gaps in your day...

   Say goodbye to LONG exhausting days, no more staying late to ‘squeeze’ clients in or coming in on your days off...

   Have the confidence to charge clients big bucks for your specialty service, no more discounting...

   Have financial freedom so you don't have to worry about paying bills every month...

...How would this change your life?

I'm here to tell ya...

This is totally possible for You!

  There IS A WAY to easily increase your profits & productivity, aka make more & work less.

  There IS A WAY to have the career you've been dreaming of & become one of the elite top 5% in the industry.

  There IS A WAY to make all of this possible & faster than you think!

It's time to stop losing out on THOUSAND$ of dollars & start making the money YOU deserve.

I N T R O D U C I N G . . .

Next Level Hairstylist Academy™

Learn how to fill your books with your dream clients, make the money you deserve & be the in-demand stylist in your area,
without offering discounts, work long exhausting hours or give up any more of your free-time.
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Now is the time to re-vamp your business so you can FINALLY make the money you deserve & have more free-time to what you love!

Which of these results would you like to have?

"I went from making $6K per month behind the chair to making $10K+ in less than 6 months!"

-Shelley White, Salon Owner

"I now confidently charge clients & have watched my income increase in just a couple months! I am also working less hours & crushing all my goals!”

-Victoria Carlson, Hairstylist

"I’m happier, making more money, working less & home in time for dinner every night."

-Sara Sclafani, Suite Owner

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Next Level Hairstylist Academy™ is designed to take you by the hand so you can get in the driver seat of your business to make the money you deserve!

I've helped hundreds of hairstylists & beauty pros learn the skills, strategies & tools to build a thriving business so they can live a happy, wealthy & fulfilling life doing what they LOVE!


It took me YEARS of trial & error, (time won't ever get back), to put the right systems & strategies in place to finally become the 'in-demand stylist' & have a highly successful career behind the chair.


And now I'm here to share all those secrets with YOU!

Hey there, I'm Kim!

I'm an award-winning Hairstylist, Mama of two, lover of travel + good wine & pizza fridays! And I'm wildly passionate about helping Hairstylists build THRIVING business' so they can live a happy, wealthy & fulfilling life doing what they LOVE!

Being a busy mom, I am ALL about finding ways to work more efficiently so I can have more time with my family.

There was a time in my career when I completely struggled to make ends meet & wanted to quit. Until one year changed it ALL, In less than one year, I was able to DOUBLE my income all while working less!  And now I'm here to share how I did it with YOU (& be your new #hairbizbestie)!

If I can do can YOU!

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The doors to Next Level Hairstylist Academy™ will be opening soon!

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