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Being a successful hairstylist is SO much more than hair.

In this FREE 60-minute online training you'll learn...


✔  How to work smarter, not harder behind the chair

✔  Two HUGE mistakes you could be making that are costing you THOUSANDS! $

✔  How to confidently raise your prices & charge your clients!

✔  Learn my #1 way to achieving a better "Salon-Life Harmony"

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"I went from making $6K per month to making up to $10K+ in less that 6 months!"

-Shelley White (Salon Owner & Hairstylist)

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"I’m happier, making more money, working less & home in time for dinner every night."

-Sara Sclafani (Independent Hairstylist)

Hairstylist Coach

Hey there, I'm Kim!

I'm an award-winning Hairstylist, Wife, Mom, & creator of Next Level Hairstylist Academy.

I am dedicated to helping Hairstylists create a THRIVING business so they can gain more confidence, make more money & live their #bestlife!

Being a busy mom, I am ALL about finding ways to work more efficiently so I can have more TIME doing the things I love.

In less than one year I was able to create a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL business behind the chair...all while working LESS & now I'm here to share how I did it with YOU!


Can't wait to see you in class!
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