Hey there, I'm Kim!

I'm a passionate hairstylist, wife & mom with One Big Dream:  helping Hairstylists like you reach the Next Level in their business & create the career of their DREAMS! 

One year changed it ALL!

Right out of beauty school, I went straight into owning a my own business at the age of 21. The thing was..I knew NOTHING about being a business owner, all I knew was I wanted to do hair! 

Let me tell ya...I STRUGGLED!

The first 10 years of running my business was a lot of trial & error (and I mean...A LOT!)

Overtime, my business started to take off, my books were filling up, I was making a decent income, but at the end of the day I couldn't enjoy any of my successes because I was drowning in 'overwhelm'. I was working 10-12 hour days, coming in on my days off, trying to squeeze clients in here & there, and too scared to raise my prices. I couldn't take it anymore & realized I was headed straight to BURNOUT-town. 

So what changed??

It was the year I became a Mom.

Let's be real..it totally could have been a disaster that added to my overwhelm, but luckily I created a system of boundaries & processes that made my life so much easier. It also gave me the confidence to finally raise my prices multiple times and in LESS than one year, I DOUBLED my income all while working less! Yes, you read that right. Now I can spend more time with my family & less time in Overwhelms-ville.

 Let me tell ya...THIS completely transformed my business & life!

...and if I can do it, so can YOU! (You don't even have to become a mom.)

These simple changes within my business were something I wish that would have known from day one. They would have made things so much easier & less stressful (...if I only knew).


It's my passion to help Hairstylists like you to become total Boss Babes, have the career of their dreams & skip all the messy stuff!

Learn the simple, key elements to running a successful business, creating a career you LOVE without feeling overwhelmed! 

When I'm not working behind the chair or coaching you can find me...
  • Sippin' on a glass of red wine (bonus: if cheese & crackers are involved!)
  • Traveling with my family, preferably somewhere sunny!
  • Watching the latest hair tutorials on Instagram & You Tube or attending a Hair Show or class.
  • Listening to Podcasts or Audiobooks (Checkout my Instagram Highlights for my faves!)
  • Let's be real...there's a good chance that 99% of time I'm dressed in yoga pants + messy bun & hangin' with my fave little man, making racecar noises...eating pb & j's #momlife

I am a Lover of All things...


I have to say...being a wife & momma is the BEST part of my world. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who supports all my wild, crazy ideas & a son who keeps me on my toes, but at the same time reminds me to slow down & soak up all the special moments life has to offer!

(One lucky girl right here..sorry as I gush, just counting my blessings.) 


Since 2003 I have been paintin', cuttin' & stylin' hair! My love for this industry grows each & everyday, as I sharpen my craft & help other hairstylists do the same! I can never seem to soak up enough hair knowledge.

I truly believe we RISE up together & I am here to see our industry do just that!



Exploring the world is one of my favorite things to do. This is slightly surprising since I am such a homebody. But I find traveling, (especially to other countries) so enlightening & eye opening.

Next big trip we would love to take is to Japan, Australia or New Zealand!




So, confession...I have another job, I am a sommelier (aka wine expert), okay just kidding.. but I do think I was one in a past life because I am totally one of those people who can taste all the flavor notes in wine, like tobacco, oak, cherry finish, etc. 

Don't believe me...let's go wine tasting! lol (side note: If we go wine tasting together = official best friend status!)

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