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"From 50-60+ hours a week to 4 days a week 10-4 & my income has increased!"

NLHA has completely changed my business AND my life! I feel passionate about my career again and not burnt out. I can now focus on my family when I'm home & not the salon. I went from 50-60+ hours a week to 4 days a week 10-4 & my income has increased! I no longer feel awkward about charging people & have gained confidence in running my business. I will forever be grateful to have such an amazing program! I will say it over and over again.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! What this course has given me is priceless.

Calandra Zebro, Hairstylist

"I'm happier & making more more money!"


Before this course I was working 6 days a week, 12 hour days & I thought THAT meant I was successful. My books were full & I was staying late to get clients in and missing out time with my family- I was burnt out.

After taking this course, I implemented a price increase, set a schedule working 36 hours a week and I’m home every night by 6:30. I’m not only happier and making more money, I’m able to give my clients my best because I’m getting enough rest and enough me time. I can’t say enough amazing things about NLHA. I feel so confident in myself as a business woman and in my future!

- Sara Scalfani, Hairstylist

"I now have less no shows, increased ticket prices & truly peace of mind when it comes to my income!"

Game changing! I have a booth rented for almost 20 years and this is the first time that I’ve ever tracked my numbers in this way. Next Level has shown me exactly where I’m at and how to figure out where I’m going. By learning how to put my business hat on, putting in place policies, structuring my prices, and being able to up-sell services and charge for them. I now have less no shows , increased ticket prices & truly peace of mind when it comes to my income. It’s only up from hear! Thank you Kim!

Chila Shepard, Hairstylist

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🌟 My overall income has nearly DOUBLED. I went from making $4000 a month to $8000-9000+ a month and working LESS!

- Whitney Madderom, Salon Owner & Hairstylist

🌟 My income has increased over 63% & my books are filled with only my dream clients!

- Sadi Marcello, Hairstylist

🌟 I work less hours & made as much working 4 days as I did working 5 days!

Victoria CarlsonHairstylist


🌟 Now I charge what I’m worth and my income increase about $600+ just in the first month!

Joanna Latimer, Commision Stylist

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"I'm way more confident! Even if you already 'know' what you need to do, this program actually holds you accountable and breaks it down into easy to follow steps to get where you want to go."

-Megan El-Shafey, Commission Stylist

"I went from making $6K per month behind the chair to making $10K+ in less than 6 months!"

-Shelly White, Salon Owner

What stylist's are saying...

"I spend more time with my family & less time working in the salon."

Now I feel like I am running my business! I have more new guest requests than ever before, and great tools to work with like the financial spreadsheet, Goal Trackers, Pricing and Services tool, etc.

I'm much more productive with my time and happier. My relationships with my clients, my friends & family has improved as well! I spend more time with my family and less time working in the salon. Having this program & mentoring from someone in the industry who understands & has done it has made all the difference!

Lancer Forney-McMahon, Next Level Hairstylist Academy Alumni

"This took it to a whole new level and made it 100x easier than what I had been doing all along."

I am so thankful for NLHA! It has put so many things in my business in to perspective that I don't think I'd ever been able to quite put together like Kim did. I am a numbers person and organization is huge with me but this took it to a whole new level and made it 100x easier than what I had been doing all along. I loved the whole experience and would highly recommend it to my fellow Hairstylists!

Kali Henderson, Next Level Hairstylist Academy Alumni

"I love how personal this class truly is."

Highly recommend NLHA, totally worth it! I'm more in control of my schedule, raised my prices & my clients respect me as a professional. I love how personal this class truly is. Definitely received more one on one attention, was able to send in questions and ACTUALLY get them answered, it was a great experience. Also love that this class is the perfect amount of information, and not overwhelming.

Kim Kiyota, Next Level Hairstylist Academy Alumni

Love notes from Next Level Alumni to YOU 💛

If you're on the fence about joining NLHA....Jump full force over that fence!
Do it, you wont regret it. You will have all the tools you need to take your career and passions to the next level and beyond. This program offers amazing support & knowledge to get you where you wanna go.
💛 Sadi Marcello, Hairstylist
Absolutely sign up for NLHA if you want to be in this industry for a long time. With the strategies and mindset Next Level has taught me, I'm not burnt out any longer, I have more time with my family, more financially stable, and don't dread going into the salon anymore. This course really gives you confidence not only your business’ finances and future but in yourself as an owner. Priceless!
💛 Sara Scalfani, Hairstylist
Take this program, it's absolutely LIFE CHANGING! I have a better work life balance & now charge my worth.
💛 Tara McLaughin, Hairstylist

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