Ready To Grow Your Dream Business Behind the Chair??

NLHA is a 5-week online learning program for passionate hairstylists who want to build a fulfilling, profitable business doing what they LOVE!

Let me ask you,

Are you...

» Overdue for a price increase?

» Working long exhausting days?

» Undercharging for hours of work?

» Love what you do, but are feeling burnt out?

» Frustrated with clients canceling last-minute or no showing?

» Feel like there is more for you in your career?

I get it - I was there too & let me tell ya, it doesn't have to be this way!

It's time to stop losing out on THOUSAND$ of dollars of income & start making the money YOU deserve.

Do you ever say things like,

"I'm so frustrated. I've had 3 no shows this week, I wish clients could respect my time. Don't they know I have bills to pay?"

"I need to raise my prices, but I'm scared I will lose clients."

"I really should have charged that client more, I just spent 4 hours on her hair and only charged for a partial."

"I want to be home for dinner with my family, but I have to work late to accommodate my clients."

"I'm so overwhelmed with trying to balance it all, I just want to quit."

I totally get it - I. have. been. there. & it's NOT a fun place to be.

Good news is...there is a simple & easy solution!

Next Level Hairstylist Academy is designed to take you by the hand so you can get in the driver seat of your business to start making more money today! 

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...having it ALL!

✔ Working your DREAM schedule!

✔ Making MORE but working LESS $$$

 ✔ No more LONG days behind the chair!

✔ Confidence to charge more & raise your prices!

✔ Only working with your Ultimate Dream Clients.

How I DOUBLED my Income in Less than a Year!

Hey there, I'm Kim! I have been a hairstylist & business owner for over 15+ years!

Over the years of being a self-employed hairstylist I felt the struggle to run my business, until one year changed it ALL!  In less than one year, I was able to DOUBLE my income all while working less! $$$

I am here to share those KEY strategies with you, so you can do the same & take your business to the NEXT LEVEL! 

If I can do can YOU!

I'm here to tell you...

This is totally possible for You

Join in this 5-week journey as you re-vamp your business, giving you more $$$ & TIME to do the things you love!

Hey you, yes you!

It's my mission to help YOU create a business & life you LOVE!
I'm your BIGGEST cheerleader, here to encourage & support you along the way.
I can hardly wait to celebrate all your future success!

- Kim xo

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Achieve a better Salon-Life Flow

"I’m happier, making more money, working less & home in-time for dinner every night...I’m able to give my clients my best because I’m getting enough rest & enough ME time!"

-Sara Sclafani, Independent Hairstylist

"This course completely CHANGE my LIFE!"

Turn your DREAMS into Reality!

"Thanks to this course...I am hitting goals like crazy and it feels AWESOME! What I learned most was different ways to increase my income with what I already have.

For me this course content is priceless!!
Kim is...AMAZING, but that’s an understatement. She is so patient, friendly & full of knowledge. Take the course you won’t be disappointed!"

**Update: Just a few months after taking this course Ashley was just $200 away from DOUBLING her Income!
..Talk about FAST RESULTS!

-Ashley Korolchuk (Independent Hairstylist)


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