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  • Ready to have your books filled weeks in advance so you can finally have steady income?
  • Want to know the secrets to making MORE money without working exhausting 10+ hr. days?
  • Want work less so you can spend more time with your family & still make great income?

It can ALL be done & I'm here to show you how!

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This is a community for passionate Hairstylists + Beauty Pros who have the desire to grow thier business & chase thier dreams! Get ready to connect with like-minded boss babes who share the same love for our craft. 

Sneak Peek of what's 'Inside':


From social media to raising your prices these lessons will walk you through so you can confidently make the choices right for you & your biz!


These templates will help you streamline your biz saving you so much time!


Monthly workshops & Masterclasses to help you stay accountable & acheive your goals faster than ever!


Simple step-by-step instructions on mapping out your goals & how to achieve them faster than ever!


Monthly Coaching calls to get your questions answered & support where you need it!


A Next Level Insiders Members only Facebook Group for ongoing support, weekly prompts & the best of like-minded individuals.

Plus so much more...

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I've helped hundreds of hairstylists & beauty pros learn the skills, strategies & tools to build a thriving business so they can live a happy, wealthy & fulfilling life doing what they LOVE!


It took me YEARS of trial & error, (time won't ever get back), to put the right systems & strategies in place to finally become the 'in-demand stylist' & have a highly successful career behind the chair.


And now I'm here to share all those secrets with YOU!

Hey there, I'm Kim!

I'm an award-winning Hairstylist, Wife & Mom with one mission! I'm dedicated to helping Hairstylists create THRIVING business' so they can live a happy, wealthy & fulfilling life doing what they LOVE!

Being a busy mom, I am ALL about finding ways to work more efficiently so I can have more time with my family.

There was a time in my career when I completely struggled to make ends meet & wanted to quit. Until one year changed it ALL, In less than one year, I was able to DOUBLE my income all while working less!  And now I'm here to share how I did it with YOU (& be your new #hairbizbestie)!

If I can do can YOU!

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